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Sam's Chowder House | Branding

Designed all the branding, social media interface, and merchandises for Sam's Chowder House to increase work efficiency and brand exposure.

About The App:
Sam’s Chowder House restaurant in Half Moon Bay serves sustainable ocean fresh seafood, reminiscent of a New England style seafood house. Opened in October 2006.

My Role

Visual Designer,
Product Designer


Sep-Oct 2022 (1 month)


Branding, UX/UI Design

Tool Used

Figma, Adobe, Illustrator, Adobe, Photoshop

Previous Problems

Logo, Paper Menu, Website

Overview of the Previous Design



  • The fish logo shows sam's chowder house as seafood restaurant, but I think the logo can design more specifically, such as using other seafood as the logo.

  • The color chosen looks dim and old school.


  • Choose other seafood as the logo have customers know which is the popular item at the restaurant.

  • Make color brighter to attract young customers.

Paper Menu


  • The font-size is tiny and crowd, it is difficult to read.

  • Menus are full of options, and it can be hard for customers to decide between menu items.


  • Using pictures instead of words. Pictures are not only more effortless to recognize and process than words, but also easier to recall.

  • Increase picture on each items to make the customer’s choice easier.



  • There is too much information on one page of the website, so it is difficult for customers to find the information they want.


  • Redesign the information architecture to make the customer’s find their target information easier.

  • Redesign the call-to-action button telling users what they need to do next.

Design Goals

Logo, Paper Menu, Website

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Sketches, Style Guide, Website, Tablet Menu, Merchandise, Environmental Display

Logo / Typography / Color
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Tablet Menu
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Environmental Display
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