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Hello, I'm Christy Sung, a UX/UI designer.

I am currently working as a UX/UI Designer, building a website for a start-up AI accounting company called AccoAI. Previously, I worked with the San Francisco Fleet Week Association as an app developer and designer. I was the owner and point of contact for the airshow mobile app, which attracts over 1 million attendees each year.

I have worked as a designer for various types of media, such as social media interfaces, mobile apps, order systems, company websites, digital and print media, and art installations.

After several job experiences, my biggest learning, and the quote that defines my design career is that "design is about understanding human needs and bringing value to others." This is also the most exciting and meaningful part to me.

Let's chat! Feel free to contact me!

Education & Work Experience

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Hobbies and Interests

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