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Embrace Art & Design

These art and design works were created during my bachelor's degree in the art and design department. I have been in the art and design field for 10 years and have worked in 5 different types of design jobs before working in the UX/UI field. Those experiences make me a better designer with cohesive perspectives and skills to satisfy clients' needs and bring value to the company.

  • I have improved my graphic design skills and aesthetics by creating visual exhibitions for disabled children.

  • I have become more systematic and detail-oriented when designing the models within the interactive artworks, as every part of the design is important.

  • I have learned communication, design structure, and programming skills to create a website for a start-up design company from scratch to launch.

  • I have been a team leader in many team projects, where I learned how important it is to be a good listener and communicator.

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