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San Francisco Fleet Week Mobile App

Full Time App Developer and Designer
at San Francisco Fleet Week Association

Lets you search schedules, tickets, and discounts instantly and conveniently.

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| 2022 Intern - App Developer and Designer
In order to implement the app, I found out the current problems by identifying issues from a user experience perspective. For example, I conducted an app critique for the 2021 version and identified areas for improvement, such as visual inconsistencies, confusing hierarchy, and issues with user flow. Moreover, I conducted user tests for three main user flows and found that unrelated and redundant categories and information made it difficult for users to find what they needed.
| 2023 Full time - App Developer and Designer
In 2023, I became a full-time app developer and designer. I found several areas that could be improved after I completed my internship, including design inconsistencies between the web and app, different styles of icons, and system restrictions in the app developer tools.

Then, based on the problems I found, I documented those problems and proposed solutions.
| 2022 Intern - App Developer and Designer
After conducting user tests and analyzing the object-oriented design, I found that there are unrelated and redundant categories, making it hard for users to find information. To address this, I created a sitemap to understand the structure clearly. I then restructured and redesigned all pages, improving visuals, adjusting layout, and optimizing font size for better readability.
| 2023 Full time - App Developer and Designer
I primarily restructure information architecture to ensure consistency in web and app design. Additionally, I redesign visual elements, including iconography, typography, color palette, and background images, to enhance visual appeal and maintain design consistency.

My Role
App developer & designer

July - Current (Part Time),
Jun - Oct 2022 (Intern)

Lewis / Executive Director
Diana / Chief of Staff
Michael /Senior Engineer
Tre / Concert Series Coordinator
Barbara / Volunteer Coordinator

UX/UI Designer, App Design,
App Development

Figma, App Machine, Photoshop, Illustration,Excel, Microsoft Teams

| Our Approach

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| My Contribution

Redesign the mobile app

Creating an visual appealing design

Updating up-to-date information

Weekly team sync meeting

Creating user interface using front-end programming

Solving the app ambiguity

Deploy and manage the app

User test

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| App Critique

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  • Monotonous Page Style

  • Inconsistent Iconography

  • Over-length Title

  • Redundant Categories

Group 1152.png
Group 1239.png
  • Low Color Contrast

  • Small Font Size Challenges Readability

  • Inconsistent Design Details

Ellipse 644.png
  • Unobvious Button

Ellipse 648.png
  • Incorrect Content Information

Ellipse 645.png
  • Confusing Visual Hierarchy

Ellipse 647.png
  • Small-Font Size

Ellipse 649.png
  • Outdated Gray Color Scheme

Ellipse 646.png

| User Testing  - Three Main User Flows

Group 1115.png
  • Difficulty finding military discount information

    Tester spent almost 7 minutes searching for information about restaurant military discounts

Task Flow 1 (Discounts)

Group 1244.png

Task Flow 2 (Events)

Group 1243.png

Task Flow 3 (Volunteers)

Group 1242.png

| Object-Oriented Design

Group 1116.png
Group 1150.png
  • Unrelated and redundant categories and information

| Updating and Organizing Up-To-Date Information

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| Increase Accessibility - Content

  • Increase font size

    - Heading 18px regular → 18px bold

    - Title 12px bold → 14px bold

    - Paragraph 12px regular → 14px regular

  • Align left

    Make users easier to read and scan.

  • Highlight CTA button

    Make it stand out by highlighting it with different color or by making it bold.

  • Increase the line height

    Improve readability and make users easier to read.

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| Ensure The Design Consistency Of The Web And App Versions

Group 1167.png
Group 1031.png
Group 1166.png

| Redesign Visual Components

| Iconography

Group 1227.png
Group 1228.png

| Typography

| Color Palette

| Front-End Programming

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Translate my design into code

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| Comparison 2021 / 2022 /2023

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Group 1031.png
Group 1235.png
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