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About the project

The rice dumpling teaching system uses AR (Augmented reality) technology and equips teaching aids (see image below). Learners can detect the current step of the teaching aids through AR. Then, the teaching system will provide the next step, combined with animation and audio commentary. Therefore, each step will be guided in real-time, emulating the master’s movements as they work.

What is my contribution to the project?

  1. Design the AR teaching system to promote Chinese cultural events for foreigners.
    To better understand the Chinese culture's recognition of foreigners and to design a teaching system for them. I did audience research and online surveys to realize their fundamental cultural knowledge, curious cultural stories, traditional food they want to try, and so on.

  2. Animation Design
    The most challenging part is determining the right color, size, and pattern for the rice dumpling 3D module to improve readability and AR detection rate.

  3. Perform using testing to observe human needs.
    Observing people's behavior is the most important part of improving the teaching system because it provides the most accurate information about people, their tasks, and their needs. Therefore, I can revise and upgrade the teaching systems through their feedback and obstacles.

What can I learn from the project?

1.  Design the teaching system progress based on audience research and an online survey.
2. Increase design readability
3. Better the teaching system through multi-user testing and observing human behavior.

  • Company: 

  • Cooperation Unit: 
    Yuan-Ze University

  • Position:
    Interactive Designer, Website Designer

  • Date:

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