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Paper Garden X Sandwishes Studio

About the project

We designed a painting activity for disabled children, and then collected and organized their paintings to create artwork. This artwork was used in an exhibition to raise the charity's profile, and was also commercialized to raise funds.

What is my contribution to the project?

  1. Design a flow to inspire disabled children to express themselves.
    To know which activity was suitable and appealing to disabled children. I did audience research, such as their disease symptoms, obstacles, treatment methods, personal background, and so on. After that research, I did many activities tests and interviewed different experts to strengthen my final decision.
    Finally, I realized painting brings lots of benefits to children. For instance, painting can develop fine motor skills, help establish concentration, improve hand-eye coordination, increase individual confidence, and teach creative problem-solving to inspire them to express themselves.

  2. Graphic Design
    The most challenging aspect of modifying children's artwork was maintaining its innocent, childlike nature. Therefore, I depicted the children's artwork and played different color matches.

  3. Merchandise the painting that was created by disabled children.
    I did market research to analyze which merchandise was popular with the general public. And conduct an online survey to ask people which merchandise they want to buy when they go to the museum. After that information, I concluded that the cheaper and the practical products are selling well. Therefore, I designed paper tape, a red envelope, a folder, and some stationery based on my research.

  4. Holding the exhibition
    I did many competitive analysis of different kinds of exhibitions to consider which size, interior, location, and the company budget of the exhibition is most suitable for us.

What can I learn from the project?

  1. Inspire users to express themselves with open-minded questions and compliments.

  2. Propose the design based on audience research and expert interviews.

  3. Market research and competitive analysis.

  • Company: 
    Sandwishes Studio

  • Cooperation Unit: 
    New Taipei City Leshan private nursing homes, Family of Joy Social Welfare Foundation, Not Just Library

  • Position:
    Graphic Designer

  • Date:
    2017. 8

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    Sandwishes Studio

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