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Nirvana 2019 X Legacy Lab International

About the project

In this work, we use recycled waste and fluorescent dye to construct a landscape consists of rocks and running waterfall. The form of the installation reminds the viewer of natural landscapes, and yet the visual image and colors suggest something completely opposite. This visual conflict creates an unsettling experience for the viewers, evoking introspection. On one hand this work can be viewed as a warning or the humanity, and perhaps on the other, a prediction of the future world we will live in.

What is my contribution to the project?

  1. Collaborated with multi-disciplinary artists, designers, performances, and scientists to create site-specific art for exhibition.

  2. Demonstrated and presented ideas through sketches, 3D modules, diagrams, and design flow.
    Knowing how to present the idea is so important during the discussion. There are several methods to convert an idea clearly when I work with an artist. First, I did a quick sketch during the discussion. And then, I was going to convert my sketch into a digital version. Such as, I used Adobe creative tools and Rhino 3D to demonstrate the idea.

  • Company: 
    Legacy Lab International

  • Cooperation Unit: 
    Dwell in Light - 2019 Treasure Hill Light Festival

  • Position:
    Interactive Designer

  • Date:

  • Learn more on the website 
     Legacy Lab International

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